Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shots are no fun!

On Friday Logan had his 4 month check up at the doctors. Everything went well and he is a healthy baby boy. Bryan was even able to come with us this time which was nice. 4 months equals more vaccinations. Logan does great with the oral one. Sucks it down like nothing. The 2 shots were not as easy. The poor guy is just laying on the table all happy and babbling when WHAM he is stuck in one leg. Instant tears and no noise cries and then WHAM stuck again. He just looks at me like "Mom what did you let them do to me?" Poor guy! Good thing is that he only cries for a minute and is okay once I pick him up. Glad we don't have to do that again for another 2 months :)

Here are his 4 month stats:

Weighs 15lbs 10 ounces (90th percentile)
Height is 26 inches (75th percentile)
Head is 43.5 cm (75th percentile)

He grew 3 inches and gained 4 pounds since his last appointment. He is growing nicely the doctors say. Makes mom very happy!

We also got the go ahead to start Logan on rice cereal. We tried it the other night and today. He is not a fan yet. He just spits it back out after pushing it around in his mouth. I guess we will just keep trying until he gets the hang of it. So cute to see him eating off of a spoon :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This was my rocking chair as a little girl.....and now it's Logan's. So cute!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 months old

Logan is now 4 months old!! I just cannot believe how fast he is growing up. This past month he has changed so much. He no longer acts like a wee newborn, but more like a big boy. His little personality is starting to show. He is just the sweetest boy. I am so blessed that I get to spend my days with him. He really is my best friend!!

Here is this past months stats:

  • He wears size 2 diapers
  • Wears size 3-6 months clothes as well as some 6 month clothes as well

  • He is eating 32-35 oz a day ( one 9oz bottle in the morning and four 6 oz bottles the rest of the day)
  • He loves to play on his play mat at night with Daddy. He will play there for 30 minutes easily
  • He is starting to love his bumbo seat. He loves to sit in it and play with toys on the tray.

  • He has started reaching for toys you hold in front of him
  • Loves to chew on his thumb and index finger (until he gags himself)
  • Still sleeps through the night. Goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 8am
  • He tried out his Jumperoo for the first time. He is just learning how to make himself move. Most of the time we help him jump a little :)
  • He loves to sit on your lap and just watch what is going on around him
  • He laughs all the time sound EVER!!!
  • His favorite toys these days are a little green ball and of course Sophie the giraffe
  • He tried rice cereal the other day....not a fan!! Guess we will just keep trying :)
  • He still LOVES bath time. He new thing is chewing on the wash cloth...very cute!

  • He is starting to go BALD...his hair is falling out in clumps. He totally rocks a comb over these days :)
  • He weighed 14lbs 2oz a couple weeks ago when we had to take him into the doctors for a yeast rash

He has his 4 month well visit next Friday so we will see how much he has grown then. 4 months also means more shots!! I hope this time around will be better than last time :)

Logan.....Mom and Dad love you so much. We did not know what we were missing until we met you!!

Wordless Wednesday

Sleeping Angel