Monday, December 20, 2010

7 months old!

On December 14th Logan turned 7 months old! I just cannot believe it. He is changing so much these days. I just love it. He is such a sweet and happy guy. He is learning so many new things. It is so much fun to watch him grow and learn.

Here's what Logan is up to at 7 months:

  • He now weighs 20lbs
  • Still wears size 3 diapers but soon to be in size 4
  • Wears 9 month and some 12 month clothes
  • He LOVES his new bath seat
  • He loves to eat too!! He eats 4 bottles a day along with rice cereal and a fruit for breakfast and rice cereal and a veggie for dinner.
  • He has mastered sitting up on his own. He still hasn't figured out to catch himself if he starts to fall though.
  • Had his 1st Christmas with Bryan's Mom on the 11th. He was spoiled and received lots of great new toys. He loves them all!
  • He has started waking up a lot at night. He just seems to want to play!
  • Is learning to drink from a sippy cup. Still hasn't figured out that he has to tip it to get anything to come out.
  • He has started mumbling more this month. Still working on him to say "Momma or Dadda"
  • Still loves his jumparoo. Although he is starting to get too big for it.
We leave to go visit my Mom tomorrow. It will be Logan's first plane ride. I hope he will be good on the plane and not have problems with his ears or anything. We will be gone 10 days. It will be a nice vacation. We can't wait to experience Logan's first Christmas. He is going to be so spoiled again from my family. They just can't wait to meet him finally in person.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

6 months

On November 14th, Logan turned 6 months old. I just cannot believe it!! He is growing up SO fast. I swear every day he changes. I just LOVE this stage he is in. He is doing all sorts of firsts. He had his 6 month well doctor visit on Wednesday (12/1). The doctor says he is developing great. It is good to know that he is right on track.

Here is what Logan is up to at 6 months:

  • wears size 3 diapers (size 4 night time diaper)
  • wears 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. He actually fits in some 12 month stuff too.
  • eats 4 bottles a day (4-8oz per bottle). He sometimes eats a bottle and then will refuse his next one.
  • eats 1oz of rice cereal with half a jar of fruit for breakfast and eats 2oz of rice cereal with half a jar of fruit and a jar of veggies for dinner. He LOVES eating solids. We have yet to find a food he will not eat yet. Some veggies he doesn't like at first but will eat them the second time we try to feed them to him. We have found he likes the veggies warmed up a little :)
  • Can now sit up on his own for long periods of time before falling over
  • Rolls all over the place. Just tonight he was on his play mat playing and we went to make him a bottle and came back and he had rolled into his closet.....2 feet away!!
  • Still LOVES his Jumparoo!! He plays in that thing all the time. He can now turn himself around to play with all the toys on it. He even fell asleep in it the other day :) Must have tired himself out with all the jumping
  • Sleeping good in his crib. He is starting to sleep through the night more these days. He still has some nights where he wakes up but all we have to do is give him a pacifier and he falls right back to sleep.
  • We have started using the next size car seat in my car (Britax Boulevard). Logan seems to like it so far.
  • He now has TEETH!! His 2 front bottom teeth came in right before Thanksgiving. He did pretty well with the whole teething thing. He was a little cranky, but that was is it. Did have to give him Tylenol often to help with the pain at night. LOVE to see him smile with little teeth. (I tried to get a picture but no luck. He won't even let me really feel with my finger)
  • He LOVES to crinkle and rip up paper. He laughs and just thinks that is the funnest thing in the world!
  • As of his doctors appointment on 12/1: weighs 18lbs 10oz (75%), 27 inches long (75%), and his head is 45.8cm (95%)....BIG head boy!!
"Here hold my keys Mom"
  • Starting to learn to drink water from a sippy cup. He grabs the handles and puts it to his mouth but has not figured out that he has to tip it to get the water to come mom has to help him tip it! He is learning :)
  • He thinks it is fun to throw EVERYTHING on the floor.
He loves my phone....probably not a good thing
  • He still smiles ALL the time. Especially when mom or dad get home from work. He squeals when one of us comes in the door.
  • He laughs all the time now too. Bryan is really good at getting him to belly laugh. His little laugh is the best sound EVER!!

He is at a very fun age right now. It is so fun to see him learn and experience new things. This is the best month so far. I am sure I will be saying that as these next months pass too. I just can't wait to see him grow. He is such a happy little guy these days. I just LOVE waking up to his smiling face everyday.

Momma's Little Reindeer!!