Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 months.....

Guess who is 3 months old???

Yep on August 14th, Logan turned 3 months old and I just cannot believe it. This past month has gone by the fastest yet. There have been lots of changes in him too. We are starting to really see his little personality these days. He loves interacting with B and I and be in the same room with us experiencing whatever we are doing. I just love him at this age. He isn't my wee newborn anymore....he is an infant now :) I cannot wait to see all the changes this coming month bring.

Napping with Momma

Here is what Logan is up to at 3 months:

* He is still in size 1 diapers....will be in size 2 once we finish this last box of size 1's
*He can still fit in 0-3 months clothes and some 3-6 months things as well (it really depends on the brand)
*He now weighs 12lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) as of last week at the docs

*He is still sleeping through the night. He usually falls asleep around 9-9:30pm and sleeps until 8-8:30 am (mom is still happy about this!!)
*He is now exclusively formula more breast milk :(
* He eats 25-30 oz a day

* He smiles ALL the time now....very cute especially when he sticks his tongue out while smiling too

*He still LOVES his bouncy seat....he would bounce in that thing all day if I let him :)
*He is liking tummy time more and more these days. I figured out if I lay him on the the floor propped up on his boppy pillow he does much better. He can now hold his head up for longer periods and has pretty good control

*When he wakes up in the morning he is such a HAPPY guy. He smiles and part of my day, waking up to his smiling face :)
* He is starting to really drool these days....we call him Bubbles because he spits and makes so many bubbles of drool

* He is constantly sucking on his fist (only his right one)
* He loves to lay on his play mat....he will lay there for a good 30 minutes as long as Dad lays with him and plays:)

Logan had many firsts again this month:

*He laughed for the 1st time at 12 weeks (best sound ever)
*He stuck his feet in the pool for the 1st time the other day....didn't like it at first but soon got used to it and loved kicking his little feet in the water

* He also rolled over again tummy to back
*He found his feet the other day for the first time. He loves to stare at them....wondering "What are these things?"

Staring at his feet :)

* He learned how to make the "blowing raspberries"noise {the noise you make when blowing on his belly or vroom vroom noise if you are Ty bear and Porter :)} I often wake up to him making this noise....very cute!

Tongue is always out

Mom and Dad love you Logan Matthew!!